Meet the Image Makers

New Forest Stock Imagery team are always looking to represent Guest Photographers who take digital images of the New Forest and its surrounds

If you have a collection of commercial Images to add to the site, please contact us [email protected]

New Forest Stock Imagery is the shop window for Guest Photographers and Videographers who supply the digital stock images and footage on this site.
If you wish to search an individuals portfolio, use the SEARCH function within the website using the individuals three letter prefix.


Mike is a freelance landscape and nature photographer specialising in birds, flowers, mammals and other wildlife. He lives on the western edge of the fabulous New Forest National Park in southern England and has a wide range of images of wildlife, traditions and views from this unique area here on New Forest Stock Imagery.

Mike has worked as a freelance photographer for over 35 years and built up a huge library of stunning images from around the world, many of which can be found on other picture agency sites. As a wildlife tour leader and public speaker, Mike’s passion for the natural world shines through in his images.

His prefix on Still image filenames is MJR if you wish to search his portfolio. Use MJR in the search function.


Paul is a prolific author and photographer illustrating many books and articles on entomology and their identification, including the acclaimed ‘Insects of the New Forest’.

Living in the New Forest, Paul is well placed to be able to watch and photograph the wonderful world of insects and their behaviour in the wide range of famed habitats the Forest offers.

He particularly enjoys making detailed studies on some of Britain’s rarest insects, some are now only restricted to the New Forest.

His prefix on Still image filenames is PDB if you wish to search his portfolio. Use PDB in the search function.


Jackie spends most of her free time in the Forest tracking down and photographing various wildlife and thereby aiming to perfect her field craft and portfolio. Deer are her passion, but she has an eye for a good photograph whenever it presents itself.

Several generations of her family have lived in the Forest and she therefore knows the Forest well through all seasons. This knowledge has recently allowed her to guide a number of wildlife documentary film makers who were working on New Forest related TV productions.
Jackie has exhibited her photographs in the Forest and she markets her own calendars and cards taken from her own images.

Her Prefix on the Still image filenames is JAL if you wish to search her portfolio. Use JAL in the search function.


Born and bred in the New Forest, so he has grown up in this stunning area and still lives there in the house he was born in. Interest in Wildlife Photography from an early age led to an ongoing professional career as a wildlife film maker for over thirty five years.

Working as a freelance mainly for the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol, he has made and contributed to many television programmes on the New Forest and all of the video content on the site has been taken by Manny.

He has also been known to take a few photos and has supplied some to the stills section within this site.

His Prefix on the Still image filenames is MDH if you wish to search his portfolio. Use MDH in the search function.